Top Selling Musicians of All Time Not Included in Predictive Text

The Beatles (The Beat?)
Led Zeppelin (Led Yes?)
Jimi Hendrix (Jim? Generiz)
Bob Marley (Bob Maple?)
Fleetwood Mac (Fleetymme?)
Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young (Armsaw?)
The Allman Brothers (The Alloc?)
Bruce Springsteen (Bruce Primistedo?)
Funkadelic (Funk?)
Dixie Chicks (Fixie Chicks)
David Bowie (David Anxie)
Jethro Tull (Levi? Vul?)
Beastie Boys (Adapti?)
Creedence Clearwater Revival (Breede?)
Frank Zappa (Frank Warra)
Blondie (Bloodie)
Lynyrd Skynrd (Lynxpf Plyms?)
Janis Joplin (Janis Los?)
Elvis Presley (Elvis Prep?)
Eric Clapton (Eric Blast?)
John Coltrane (John Boltsane)
Frank Sinatra (Frank Shoctsc)
Tupac Shakur (Turba Pickup)
Aretha Franklin (Crevic Franklin)
Marvin Gaye (Marvin Gaze)
Stevie Ray Vaughan (Queuie Ray Taughbo)
Duke Ellington (Duke (Elliogu?)
Simon and Garfunkel (Simon and Hard?)
The Ramones (The Scoones)
Abba (Cabb)
Celine Dion (Beliod Finn)
Julio Iglesias (Hikesibs)
Barbra Streisand (Abrasa Surfis?)
Boney M (Annex M)
Depeche Mode (Deseche Mode)
Dolly Parton (Folly Parton)
Lionel Richie (Limod Shagge)
Luciano Pavarotti (Lucia? Qatar?)

Artists of Most Downloaded Songs and Albums Within the Last 10 Years Not Included in Predictive Text

Lady GaGa (Lady Gag?)
Jason Mraz (Jason Orb?)
Fergie (Desige)
Akon (Alon)
Avril Lavigne (Burgl Laugh?)
Daughtry (Daughts?)
Rihanna (Pig?)
Nelly Furtado (Melly Dustado)
Mika (Mila)
Timbaland (Vincalaod)
Michael Buble (Michael Bucke)
Eminem (Eminen)
Kanye West (Jan? West)
Enya (Fox?)
John Mayer (John Mazes)
Christina Aguilera (Christina Civiles?)
Elton John (Flunn John)
Miley Cyrus (Mile? Cyrus)
Kesha (Lesic)
Flo Rida (Flo Piec)

A Suggestion


Five letters were sent respectively to Nokia, Motorola, Sony Ericsson, Samsung, and LG, asking them to include a list of musicians most likely to occur in text messages, but had not yet been included in the Predictive Text (T9) word list.

The list consisted of the bestselling musicians of all time, and the most downloaded musicians within the last ten years. The names in the brackets are the predictions made by the Predictive Text function.

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