Backwards Bach


2-channel HD video (5 mins)

Having never received any harpsichord training, I learnt how to play the C Major Prelude from J. S. Bach's The Well-Tempered Clavier (Book I). I then worked out a backwards version of the piece, and performed the two versions on a harpsichord in a Baroque-era mansion in Berlin, Germany. The performances were filmed as single long takes, with the camera moving in opposite directions for the forwards and backwards versions. 


Cinematographer: Marco Armborst
Camera Assistant: Max Knauer
Dolly Grip: Fabian Möhrke
Sound Recording: Felix Andriessens
Audio Mastering: Douglas Henderson

Harpsichord: Goecke & Farenholtz Pianohaus

Location: Schloss Friedrichsfelde, Berlin

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