I make art focusing on how we relate to music individually and as a society. Many of my works are based on processes using material sampled from popular culture and the everyday. This might involve, for example, remaking an instrument or poster via a certain logic or narrative. As a result, my artworks appear in different media.

Perhaps more importantly, music functions as an entry point into other areas, like how fans and amateurs embody the spirit of dedication, and the unexpected ways in which they generate knowledge. I also see my work as a form of comparative study of art and music, from their formal aspects to their points of overlap in history. 

For some time, my work focused on craft and labour within the contexts of music and art-making. More recently I have been thinking about how the open structures of experimental music practices (e.g. free improvisation and instructional scores) intersect with self-organisation and democracy. 

Since 2020, I have been immersed in studying and exploring modular synthesis, focusing on the potentials of feedback, chaos and cybernetic systems. Some of my patches are documented here


This is a profile by ArtAsiaPacific on my work, and an essay that I wrote for Popmatters on how I got into making art. 

I also have a Twitter account that's used exclusively for publishing poems composed from Abba song titles, and an Instagram account in which I uploaded a photo – a reflection of a CD – every day throughout 2017.

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